Bath sets and slow updates…

So I finally got the bath sets up like I wanted to. I’ll still be making them because frankly they are fun to do, and they are great gifts.

The updating process is slow. Now that I have my picture box set up, I can go through my inventory and start taking pictures with my updated things. It’s just going to take me some time, and then I can get back into the grind of working on stuff.

Also, really have to finish my last custom order I will ever do. It’s kind of bitter sweet, and the lovely woman that ordered it has been a life long friend, and oh so patient with me, so I thank her for that, and all of her amazing medical skills.

So you can check out the new updated items in the shop here on the store (I think they should have updated and transferred over, but if not I’ll get my web admin to fix it), or you can go to:



Thanks folks!