Face Masks and Store Hold

Hey everybody. So, if you got a mask from me, congratulations! You got a horribly constructed mask! I’m kidding. I’m no professional seamstress, nor do I really know how to use a machine, but I’ve made it by.

If you were lucky enough to get a mask (or order one), then please let me know how they are holding up and if there is any issues.

Also, make sure that you DELICATE/HAND WASH THEM ONLY. You can dry them as normal, or hang them to dry (which is my preferred method. The less tangles the better, or rolls around in the machine. You get the drill.)

I recently had posted that my store was going through some changes (and really it still is) and that I would be opening up with more products and different ordering styles. While that still holds true, while we are in this pandemic, I am putting things on hold (for the most part). Forgive me for doing so, but it’s for the safety of the elderly, sick, and littles. Also, the less post office visits for me, the better. When this is safe and over, I will be reopening for the same ordering routine as before.

Thanks for stopping by this little shop of horrors. Much appreciated. Good luck out there, may the force be with you and the odds ever in your favor.