Guess who’s back…?

Back again.

Meg is back, tell some men.

I feel like I have said that before, in another post. Anyways.

There has been a lot going on, so I thought I would do my annual update. Basically, I’m still doing this. This is never going to stop, and I’m going to continue making things, and continue to sell as I always have. But the changes are coming.

I’m re-branding. Not so mu ch straying away from my company name, that’s perfect for me. But, I’m no longer taking custom orders. That’s right ladies and gents. I’ve always loved doing custom orders, but with all the health issues and changes in my life, I really don’t have the time for it, and honestly, I’m enjoying the freedom of not meeting deadlines. That said, that doesn’t mean that I’m not open to suggestions of things people would like to see being made.

So the plan right now is, to make a few items of each and just post them up for sale, and people can get what I have in my inventory. If you are in town, there is no shipping costs, unless it gets wrapped/packaged, or put in the mail. There is a slight shipping cost for those out of city/state that order, but that, I think, is expected.

The next change is the store front I’m going to be folding into my page here. I use Etsy, and Facebook to do a good portion of my selling, however, I’d still like to be independent and do sales from here as well.

As for the personal stuff, for those that didn’t know, I have carpal tunnel, so that exponentially slows down my ability to crochet, stitch, and bead. I’ve also started a podcast, and that takes up time doing the research though, admittedly I am super slow doing that, too. I also have some other fun (not really) health issues going on, so that’s been taking up a bit of time, and there is of course, the wonders of being Super Autism Mom!

Either way, thanks for standing by, and I’ll try to get things going as best as I can after the holiday season.